After two weeks of use (Sept 7th, 2020): “I must admit that I was initially skeptical of the utility for a hand-held pain-meter, however, I have been pleasantly surprised by its value. I give it to the patient when I’m palpating potentially tender areas and the feedback is spot on. I’ve found that my inquisitive palpatory exams are faster with the instantaneous responses from the device. I think my patients also appreciate the incorporation of high-tech with high-touch. While I still do not use it for every presentation, I’m finding more utility each day. The device will be invaluable for patients with communication barriers (hearing, speech, language, etc). Thanks again for creating a product that enhances our clinical practice.

As usual, the creative brilliance of Dr Fryer has now produced a pain meter that will enhance the communication of pain perceptions between the client and clinician. It helps me hone a precision diagnosis and understanding of pain mechanisms.

I had been dealing with neck pain that gave me headaches, radiated down my right arm and into my shoulder blade area for many years. I had been to several chiropractors and seeing a massage therapist weekly and never got any relief. I heard Dr Fryer was the person to see for disc problems and I am very happy I did. He is very passionate about trying to help people and he explained my problem using vertebrae models; bulging discs. While performing his treatment he gave me a gauge with a meter to squeeze when I was experiencing discomfort so he could monitor how I was doing. His approach was very different. He treated me to create space for my discs. It probably was about 6 treatments and I noticed a difference to the point now where I feel almost 100%…have to say almost because I will always have to be careful with the bulging discs. I am very grateful for his knowledge and incredible care.

I think this tool created by Dr. Fryer will assist me in identifying exactly where a patients pain is located. In the clinic, I specifically see this being used in patients with localized complains, in hopes of finding the offending tissue. The tool’s utility in research is endless!

This device allows me to see real-time pain measures to be sure the patient remains comfortable during all types of dental procedures, not only for patients with me, but those in the hygiene chairs as well. If we can give the patient the ability to communicate the pain/comfort levels it goes a long way towards decreasing dental fears.

Interactive solutions with real – time measurement of patient behavior are needed because most of the time to even talk and properly examine the patient. Dr. Fryer’s device therefore is a game changer – direct interaction with the patient and also forcing the doctor to better and properly examine the paint with real – time feedback. The device can be used in training resident and students, emergency situations as well as in patients with language / speaking difficulties as it allows to describe the situation / pain. Subjective pain scores will become obsolete using this innovate idea and device.

Dr. Fryer’s sensory meter allows real time quantitative data acquisition during evocative maneuvers for patients experiencing pain. It is the first of its kind of tool for pain measurement.

From a research perspective, this potentially constitutes a simple means of quantifying localized tenderness at any given instant, and over any possible number of time-points. From a practical clinical perspective, these measurements would be achievable with minimal disruption to the natural flow of a doctor-patient encounter